Episode 067 – Interview with Diana Driscoll: Activewear Owner and Outdoor Badass!

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Diana Driscoll is the owner of Vibrant1 Activewear, women’s fitness wear. Exercise has always been a big part of her life.  She’s excelled in adventure racing, road and trail running, and has raced in events such as Adventure Race Nationals 3 times (a 30 hr race), ran 45-50 miles in four 12 hr trail runs, completed fourteen 24 hr team relays in eight states plus Canada, and ran the Boston Marathon twice. 


Along the way, Diana decided that there was a big need for a new type of women’s activewear, clothing that is bright and colorful, highly functional, and USA made with top materials for top performance.

Today we dive into what drives a top performer like Diana, what she’s been doing since her entire race schedule was cancelled due to the pandemic (virtual races!) and what’s next?

If you’ve ever thought about doing an adventure race but didn’t know where to start, she shares her tips on getting into adventure racing, solo and team racing.  And, the way smart women win races (with their brains – not brawn)! 

Be sure to check out her awesome activewear line, which includes tops, bottoms, and sleeves designed to help women lead active, adventurous and vibrant lives.  What’s not to love about Diana!


Vibrant1 Activewear website vibrant1activewear.com

Vibrant1 Activewear on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vibrant1activewear

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