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Day 3: the Fit is Freedom Consistency 2023 Series…because consistent is the new sexy

Fit·ness ~ How you look is Nice -  What you can do ~ Priceless Consistency is the new sexy!     Day 3 Thursday, January 26 11:00 AM CST Online & LIVE (Replay available) RSVP: https://kellyhoward.fun/3iOU5jZ   When You Pull It All Together ~ You’re UNSTOPPABLE!  - Why cookie-cutter fitness plans don’t work - All-or-nothing diets will bore you to ...

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{Fitness} Consistency is Key Series: How to make a fitness challenge work FOR you!

Often I find myself poo-pooing challenges, to me when you focus on one body part to the exclusion of all others, it’s not a balanced approach. But, challenges can be motivating.   Today we’re talking about how to make a fitness challenge work for you, not against you! And, 30 days is a short enough time to stay focused on ...