Four Simple Actions to Bring Your Vision to Life

What do you envision yourself looking like, feeling like, or doing in the next year? Now tap into that! How long have you been wanting this for yourself? Days, months, or even years? How would you feel if you transformed this dream into a reality? Pretty good, don’t you think? 

Alright, alright, enough with the questions! Now that you’ve acknowledged what you envision for yourself, consider these four simple actions to bring your vision to life. 


There is power in physically writing down your goal. When pen meets paper, a vision is written into reality. When you simply THINK about your goal, you use the right side of your brain. But when you THINK about your goal and then physically WRITE IT DOWN, you also tap into the left side of the brain. This then signals to your entire body that you really, really want whatever it is that you wrote down. 

Grab a sheet of paper, pick up a pen, and jot down your vision. It doesn’t have to look pretty or even be grammatically correct. Those special words are there to motivate and encourage you as well as tell your brain and body what you truly want to accomplish. 


Some may cringe at the thought of intentionally planning out their week while others may quickly grab their planner and schedule out every hour of their day. Whether you can relate to either of these extremes or you’re somewhere in between, I highly encourage you to PLAN for success. If you fail to plan, you will likely plan to fail. 

Now that you’ve written your vision into reality, schedule in chunks of time throughout the next two weeks to work on your goal. Focus on writing out the first week in pen and the second in pencil. Life happens, and things unexpectedly pop up, so it’s okay to move things around to fit your schedule. Try out your new schedule for two weeks, take note of what you could change, revise your schedule, and then plan out the following two weeks. 


Did your mind immediately think of the oh-so-scary number on the bathroom scale? Well, you’re in luck because we aren’t talking about that one. There are many more important numbers to consider when it comes to accomplishing your wellness goal than that one. Although I never want you to obsess over numbers, I encourage you to consider four important numbers throughout your journey. 

Make a note of your daily food intake, how often you’re exercising throughout the week, the amount of water you drink every day, and your body measurements. You can easily track these numbers in your phone or in an easily accessible journal. Don’t overthink or overwhelm yourself with these four numbers, but acknowledge them often to stay on track. 


Whether you’re just now getting started on bringing your vision to life, or you’ve been in the process for several months, choose to feel good. Choose to love yourself no matter where you’re at in your journey. Choose to keep going and refuse to give up. Choose to enjoy the process! 

Imagine how you would feel if you transformed this dream into a reality. Now it’s time to make it happen! For more tips on how to use your idealized vision to design a personalized schedule that will allow you to meet the numbers you need to succeed, tune into Episode 9 of the Fit Is Freedom podcast. 

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