Interview with Dr. Peggy Malone: Say YES to Better Health Habits! – Episode 218

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All About Dr. Peggy Malone

Dr. Peggy Malone has over 18 years of experience as both a business owner and a chiropractor. After toying with blogging and hosting a well-being television show, she now hosts the Midlife Improvement Podcast and is a coach for individuals transitioning into midlife.

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Midlife Transition

For women, midlife transition is often met with a myriad of things. From children leaving the nest and parents aging and needing our support to perimenopause and body changes, this stage of life can be a lot. In the midst of all that is going on, it’s important to take time for yourself. Dr. Peggy Malone shares some tips on how to thrive through this time of life.

Become a Time Wizard

Accepting the Restart

Power of Gratitude

Ditch the Sugar with the

Sugar Freedom Challenge

Takeaway Exercise

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