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The Power of an Online Fitness Community – Episode 102

At a time in our lives when we are possibly less connected to friends, family, and our community, we need to go the extra mile to find ways to bring that connection back. An online fitness community can be any group of people who come together for a common purpose.  Shared activities, shared fun, shared goals, shared desires: All of these are excellent reasons to rally together.

Why bother?

Because communities have power.  When we’re connected through something outside of our day-to-day work or family we, grow, expand, and often try new things.

Our brains need the connections that online fitness community brings.  Sharing in a community is one of the best things you can do for your (mental) health today.

Personally, I’ve seen huge changes and growth in my Inner Circle Program as the connections are made, and everyone steps up to cheer each other on.  

Are you looking for a small, powerful group of women who are committed to feeling great, increasing their health, having fun, and supporting each other?  Put in an application to join the Inner Circle.

How do you find online community in your life?

Start with shared interests:

  • Love dogs – find groups of dog lovers, even breed-specific groups!
  • Are there outdoor activities you love or want to learn to do?  Start searching in your area.  (If you live in the Houston area two excellent groups are: and
  • Into the spiritual side of life but not ready to attend services yet?  Check online – so many houses of worship and spiritual groups are connecting that way.
  • Look into for all types of activities.

Anything you want to do, in person or online is out there.  You just need to reach out and try something new.  And then, come back again.  Everyone is a little uncomfortable at first.  Just don’t worry about it and keep showing up. One day you’ll realize you have a completely new community ready to cheer you on.  


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