4 Phases of Training to Dominate your Goals

Is there a goal that you’ve always wanted to achieve, but it’s seemed too hard to accomplish? Or maybe you’ve just never known where to begin? Well, setting your sights high is not only admirable, but totally achievable with the right training!

As with everything, preparing to make your goals a reality will take time. Whether you’re a brand new to a certain type of activity or hobby or you’re a seasoned veteran, there are 4 phases of training that will take you from where you are today to where you want to be! 

  1. Base Phase

The base phase of your training is the beginning phase that should last approximately 30 days. It’s where you’re at on day one. No matter the type of goal whether you have a dream adventure of hiking to the top of Mt. Shasta or competing in a triathlon, the base phase should include 3 things: stretching, strength, and the sport that you’re working on.

Just remember, with the base phase you need to start slow and steady! It’s an ease into your new training regime and the last thing you need is an injury! 

  1. Build Phase

Once you’ve set a solid base of fitness, the next 30 days should be dedicated to building on what you’ve already created. Find creative ways to step up your training. For example, if you’ve been running on the treadmill or on flat lands, add in some incline work. 

During this phase, you should still be focusing on stretching, strength, and your sport, but don’t be afraid to mix it up! Keep things interesting, keep your body guessing, and you’ll keep building your fitness! Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to your goal! 

  1. Buff Phase

This may come as a surprise, but at the beginning of this 30 day phase, you need to take about a week to pull back and recover. Don’t take it completely off, but keep it easy before the final push.

In this buff phase, you want to focus on building strength where you don’t think you need it. For example, if you have a cycling goal, most people overlook working on building strength in their arms since it’s such a leg heavy activity. But, arm strength is still important! 

Continue building your fitness and endurance by throwing in new exercises to focus on those “unneeded” areas, and you’re going to be ready before you know it! 

  1. Maintenance Phase

The final phase is where you do whatever you need to do to continue the level of fitness you’ve created without over training. At this stage of your preparation, you don’t want to risk overtraining and missing your goal. Keep working hard and maintaining that level of fitness that you’ve worked so hard to achieve, and you’ll be ready to dominate that goal of yours! 

Learning about training for a dream goal or dream adventure is actually a piece of my 

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