Episode 054 – How “Happy” Changes Everything

I was chatting with a client who was, well let’s just say she was whining about not reaching her goals and I suggested she stop and “raise her vibration”.  This was a phrase so outside of her typical vocabulary that she stopped bemoaning her situation and asked WTH I was talking about. 😀Which was the perfect question because when we stop the rhetoric and the auto-tapes that run through our minds, we can stop and consider what we’re feeding ourselves, again and again.

Being happy really does change everything.  And it’s especially important when we’re wallowing in upset or worse!

Caught in situational changes that we can’t control as this episode is airing during the Coronavirus epidemic, raises our stress levels.  When we’re in a negative emotional state it’s almost impossible to make positive changes.

When we feel good, we do good.

When we take action, we take command.

When we choose to be happy, we choose to see life in the best possible light.

9 Tips to Change Your State of Mind (and Raise your vibration)!

  • Tip 1: Take consistent action
  • Tip 2: Deep Breathing, meditation, self-hypnosis
  • Tip 3: Consider who and what you surround yourself with / News / Social Media
  • Tip 4: Listen to positive content
  • Tip 5: Limit as much negativity from your immediate world as possible
  • Tip 6: Be around animals/ get out in nature/ move around
  • Tip 6: Listen/watch/read things that make you laugh and feel good
  • Tip 7: Be curious – ask yourself what you get from your negative behavior? 
  • Tip 8: Be curious – what can you do right this minute to elevate your state?
  • Tip 9: Take action, the tiniest positive step, taken again and again will change your world

Your homework for this week: take 15 minutes to raise your vibration 🙂

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