Episode 055 – When Life Gets Messy, Try These 4 Tips

The crazy thing is, this episode was recorded weeks before the Coronavirus became our new normal!  But, one thing we can always count on is things will change. Messy. Easy. It’s just part of being human and interacting with others, ourselves and our world.

Tip 1 about being intentional around your eating is even more important than ever as we go live for many reasons.  One reason is food is medicine and the right food is fuel. The wrong food is stress producing and energy-zapping. Another way to be intentional around your eating is if you are not used to working from home.  My significant other, who doesn’t usually work from home, was eating what seemed like 24/7. I asked him if he snacked at the office and he said no. I pointed out he was raiding the refrigerator like a teenager.  Not sure it really made a difference, but he notices all the snaking now! 

Do your best to find time for yourself, follow these tips as best you can and remember, easy will happen one day too! 

4 Tips for When Life Gets Messy
  • Tip 1: Be as intentional about your eating as you possibly can. Remember that food is fuel and food is medicine. 
  • Tip 2: Movement is medicine, too. Instead of waiting until next week (you know, when things will settle down) to start your routine, try to get at least 30 minutes of movement every day. Follow with some stretching and deep-breathing. Bonus points for being outside.
  • Tip 3: Stress Less. Do whatever you can and enjoy doing to help alleviate stress. Practice gratitude. Deep-breathing.  You will Stressless by breathing more.
  • Tip 4: Sleep. Sleep is crucial to keep yourself healthy. Make your room cool and dark. Use a noise machine. Eliminate screen time and work an hour before bed at least. No news at night, stay away from the media.  Give your brain and your body a rest from worry.
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