Episode 078 – Small, Slow & Steady Wins the Day

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Lately, I’ve noticed some changes in peoples’ fitness routines since the start of this pandemic. I’ve seen many people who were on top of their fitness game at the beginning falling off the wagon, and I’ve seen others who never considered a fitness lifestyle making a change with newfound motivation!

No matter if fitness is newer to you or you’re looking to get back on the wagon, we’ll be discussing ways to think about your fitness to help you stay consistent with all your goals on this week’s podcast!

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the importance of the following when keeping up with your fitness goals…

  1. Fitness as a Long Game
  2. Starting Small, Slow, and Steady
  3. Understanding that it Takes Time

Join me, and let’s prepare for a lifetime of consistent fitness that will lead to a lifetime of happiness and health! 

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