How to Get out of Your Own Way!

The subconscious mind is a hidden aspect of ourselves, and it can often keep us from achieving our goals. Whether you’ve always wanted to start your own business or simply start running again, but you never really understand why it doesn’t happen, there may be something subconscious that is keeping you down. 

Recently, we were joined by the amazing Cari Rosno on the podcast, and it was an episode to remember! After surviving the tragic Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, Cari went on a journey of healing from this trauma that led her to selling her multi-million dollar business and devote her life to helping others uncover their own subconscious struggles that keep them from achieving their dreams. 

Her story is truly inspiring, and she shared with us some ways that we can begin to get out of our own way and start uncovering what is really keeping us from meeting our goals or trying something we’ve always wanted to try. 

  1. Find what you’re not accomplishing

Before you can get out of your own way, it’s important to realize what you’re not accomplishing. Take some time to sit down and think. Ask yourself questions such as: What do I really want in life? What has I always wanted to do, but just haven’t done?

You may have always thought about doing a triathlon, going on a cross-country adventure, or leaving your 9-5 for something that you’re more passionate about. Once you figure out what you’re not accomplishing and missing out on, you can move on to figuring it out! 

  1. Get curious

After you determine what you’re not accomplishing, get curious and open your awareness! Continue to ask yourself even more questions. What is keeping me from accomplishing this? Why didn’t it happen? What is getting in my way? 

  1. Meditate with intention

Once you think through some questions, make time to meditate with a purpose. Some people enjoy meditating for meditation’s sake, but if you’re really trying to figure out what is getting in your way, come to your meditation with purpose. Maybe you could choose one of the questions above and just sit with it. Listen to all of the thoughts that pop up, nonjudgmentally, and notice any trends or understandings that arise.

  1. Sit with your emotions

Your meditation may bring you to specific, traumatic events. For example, with Cari, it brought her to the moment she left the medical tent at the marathon with the volunteers screaming for her to run. She realized that she was harboring this feeling every time she tried to run thereafter, leaving her with a dread for running. 

Whatever comes up for you, it’s important to let the emotions flow, and it will bring you more understanding. 

  1. Allow it to leave 

Lastly, after you realize why you are getting in your own way and you’ve let the emotions flow, let it leave. For Cari, she felt a freedom from realizing what was getting in her way that allowed her to jump up the next day and go for an unprecedented 4 mile run. You wouldn’t believe the power your body and mind can have when you let previous traumas and negative thoughts leave. 

Our bodies and our minds are absolutely amazing, and there is no longer a need for us to sit with our traumas and let them run our lives. Remember you can have compassion for yourself and honor your story while also not letting it get in your way!

If you’d like to learn more about Cari Rosno’s story, be sure to give Episode 75 of our podcast a listen. You can also find her on her website by clicking here and learning about all of the absolutely amazing and groundbreaking work she is doing for others. 

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