Interview with Ros Place: Author of Channel of Clarity

Interview with Ros Place: Author of Channel of Clarity – Episode 177

Episode Summary

Today on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, an incredible guest joins us! Ros Place is a guardian angel communicator from England who devotes her time to helping women find more purpose and accomplish their goals. 

Not only do we learn about Ros’s incredible line of work and her journey to finding her own purpose, but we also discuss the power of meditation and how it can impact every aspect of our lives!

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All About Ros Place

Ros wasn’t like every other child in her area growing up. For a while, she thought that she was! But it was around 11 years old when she realized that no one else could see or communicate with angels, and she desperately wanted to just be “normal.”

As time went on and she encountered a couple of troubling times, Ros finally learned the value of her special gift and decided, along with her guardian angel, that she would dedicate her life to helping others.

Now, she does just that and even has a book, Channel of Clarity, that helps so many people “find, follow, and live their purpose”!

More About Ros Place

Benefits of Meditation

I’ve experienced the astounding benefits of meditation on my health and fitness journey and in all aspects of my life. There are countless benefits, but here are the biggest ones Ros and I discussed…


This almost goes without saying, but taking time to meditate brings this unparalleled calming feeling. It quiets that constant chatter in your mind of endless to-do lists and negative self-talk. Meditation creates a sense of calmness that is almost instant, but it also carries with you throughout the day.


In addition to a sense of calm, you also find a newfound clarity after meditating. When your internal dialogue is quieted and all of the chatter subsides, you’re left with clarity. No longer are you worrying about whether or not your outfit looked good enough last night or that silly thing you said last week. You’re able to hone in on what really matters and see what’s most important.

Carries with You

There are so many other feelings and benefits you receive, both mentally and physically, from meditating, but one of my favorite things about meditation is that the feelings and benefits follow you for the rest of the day. 

Taking that small amount of time to take care of yourself at the beginning (like that famous flight analogy of putting your oxygen on first), you’re able to feel better for the rest of the day, focusing on what truly matters with your personal life and your goals.

Contribute to the Lives of Others

Like I mentioned above with the analogy of the oxygen mask, meditation is the same. When we take time for ourselves, we are able to help others way more than we would otherwise. 

If you’re positively feeding your soul (like through meditation or other avenues like fitness, quality time with friends, etc), you have so much more to give to others because your cup is filled up. If your cup is empty from the get-go, you’re not going to have the energy or mental capacity to contribute to others the way you might have wished to!

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