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A Completely NEW Way to Train for Your Fitness – Episode 160

Episode Summary

Some people train so hard that they completely crash and burn out, but there is a better way! On this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I’m going to be sharing the best ways to prevent burnout through working backwards, being specific, and following the 3 phase rule of training! 

It happens all the time. People train for a big event, race, or adventure, dedicating so much time and effort into the process. Then, after the event, they completely drop the activity. Have you ever checked Facebook marketplace the day after a 150 mile bike race? You’d be amazed at the number of bikes listed for sale! 

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Work Backwards

The best way to prevent burnout after a big race or adventure is to work backwards! Start with the end in mind. Study the route, look for elevation gains, understand the season and the weather you’ll be in. More often than not, adventurers will train in the wrong conditions. Then, when race day comes, they are facing much bigger challenges than anticipated.

The more prepared you are, the less likely you’ll be blind sided. You’ll know how to train, and you’ll feel better both mentally and physically for the big day of your race or adventure.


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3 Phases of Training for an Event

Once you fully understand your event and what you’re getting yourself into, you can start training in a way that will get you ready. While there are countless planning guides available online, give yourself a solid 3 months of training.  This way you can have the time to personalize it to you and your specific needs. With these three months, I suggest each month being a certain phase as listed below…

Phase 1: Preparation and Foundation

Once you’ve got a good understanding of your goal, it’s time to prepare your body! Start by listening to your body, noticing any discomforts, and getting them taken care of. I had a client once who got terrible rashes under her arms from her workout clothes. She changed her sports bra, and it completely fixed the issue! While this may not seem like a big deal now, if you don’t fix these things in the beginning of your training, it will only perpetuate and keep getting worse. 

By preparing your body and laying a solid fitness foundation, you’ll be ready to ramp up your fitness in phase 2.

Phase 2: Get Moving and Building

The first month is all about listening to your body. Essentially, it’s your warm up! Phase two is where the magic happens! Take into consideration all that you’ve learned about your race or adventure and try to prepare for the worst. Add more weight to your backpack than you would need. Run intervals to get your heart pumping even more. Build your stamina, strength, and endurance during phase 2 so that the actual event feels like a walk in the park.

3: Slow it Down

I think of phase 3 of your training as the end of a rollercoaster. You’ve still got speed. There might be another loop or another hill, but then it eases back into the loading spot gently. That’s how the last month of your training should be. 3-4 weeks out from your event, your training should be at its peak, but by the 2 week out mark, you should start tapering back. 

Your body should feel ready, and you should reward it by taking some time to recover and mentally prepare for the event that is quickly approaching.

Final Thoughts

Taking your time, knowing your race, and listening to your body will greatly help in preventing that end of race burnout. You want to think of being the tortoise and never the hare when it comes to your fitness and adventure journey. Making it a more sustainable goal will keep you loving your activities for years to come!

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