Say Goodbye to Headaches for Good! Interview with Dr. Meg Mill

Say Goodbye to Headaches for Good!: Interview with Dr. Meg Mill – Episode 154

Episode Summary

This week, we are joined by Dr. Meg Mill, and we’re talking about all things headaches. At some point or another, I’m sure you’ve had a headache or two. I struggled with chronic headaches for years that would stop me in my tracks for days and days. Whether you’re like me or simply get a headache on occasion, you are definitely going to enjoy this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast. Dr. Mill will be helping us answer some important questions including…

  • Where do headaches come from?
  • Do hormones impact headaches?
  • How can we prevent headaches?
  • Does our diet and lifestyle have an impact on headaches?
  • How can we learn more? 

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Guest Spotlight: Dr. Meg Mill

Dr. Meg Mill is a busy mom of three and a Functional Medicine Practitioner as a Doctor of Pharmacy. After living in the world of conventional medicine for years, she found a need to focus more on helping people thrive in their lives, finding ways to get to the root cause of sickness rather than treating the symptoms. Dr. Mill has a newly published podcast, a published “8 Step Guide to Say Goodbye to Headaches”, and offers consultations and customized health plans through her website.


A Functional Medicine Approach to Headaches

Throughout this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, Dr. Meg Mill and I discuss all things headaches through the lens of functional medicine, addressing many of the common (but uncommonly discussed) struggles of women to balance life through the inconveniences of occasional or constant headaches.

Do Hormones Impact Headaches?

Hormones can actually play a crucial role in headaches for women. Oftentimes, women will get cyclical headaches either before ovulation or before their period begins. Women going through menopause or perimenopause may also experience more frequent headaches.

How Can We Prevent Headaches?

While conventional medicine will tell us to just take some medicine and all will be well, functional medicine focuses on the why. Dr. Mill explains that medicine may get rid of a headache, but it won’t help you uncover how to prevent one in the future. By taking a functional approach, you can explore different potential causes and get to the root of your unique reason for headaches–whether that is chronic stress, hormones, your diet, or something else.

Does our Diet and Lifestyle Have an Impact?

YES! Diet and lifestyle can have an impact on the frequency of your headaches. Dr. Meg Mill shares how some people can have specific food triggers, like caffeine or histamine foods, while others can be triggered by food sensitivities, which is an autoimmune response. There are even things in our environment that could cause headaches like BPA in plastics.

How Can We Learn More?

Dr. Meg Mill has spent a great deal of time learning and exploring headaches for women and has developed an informational guide to help! Her “8 Step Guide to Say Goodbye to Headaches” is a great resource to start learning more about headaches from a more functional lens! 

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