Amy Westbrook interview: Using a Vision Board to Get What You Want in Fitness & Life.

Using a Vision Board to Get What You Want in Fitness & Life – Episode 103

Have you heard of using a vision board before and dismissed it because it sounded like oh-so-much-woo?  Or, you’ve tried it before and found it was a bunch of pretty pictures that didn’t produce any results?  How do you make a vision board that actually works? 

My guest today, Amy Westbrook might just change your mind in a very big way. 

Amy discusses how vision boards work, why they can work for you, and the brain-based science behind vision boards. 

Amy is a CPCC Holistic Wealth Coach, neuroscience nerd, and authority on high performance.  She works with mission-minded women to BE more and DO more without sacrificing their well-being or their health!  Her techniques harness the power of your mind. They give you innovative + practical techniques to help you achieve greater success, fitness, income, and impact. Unleash your possibility!

Once you discover old patterns and methods that keep you playing small, you’ll be able to stretch past limits and translate your vision into a board that maximizes your success + joy.

As Amy talked about how a vision board can help you reach goals, I was reminded of a client I worked with a few years ago.  She desperately wanted to hike the Avalanche Trail in Glacier. Unfortunately, due to an injury, she could barely walk a mile.  BUT she had vision.  In fact, she had a photo of the trail as her screensaver, a printout of the actual trail map on her wall and when we walked in Houston (flat, hot, Houston) we acted and talked as if we were climbing that trail.  She later sent me a photo of her finishing that hike.  The power of vision!

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If you are interested in learning more, Amy has a very special opportunity for my listeners who want to be a beta tester of The Re>Imagined Vision Board: An Innovative Approach to Activate a Grander Vision and Accelerate Your Results 

Apply to be a Re>Imagined Vision Board beta tester Here

I’m going to be one of the beta testers because Amy has so much to share, and I love learning from smart people who know what they are doing!

See you in the group ~ Sign up here.

Listen to the full podcast episode on The Power of an Online Fitness Community below!

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