You're Invited to the FUN~40 Fitness Group! Woman checking her fitness watch, jump rope in background.

You’re Invited to the FUN~40 Fitness Group! – Episode 159

Episode Summary

The FUN40 came from a few different ideas. The first came from my friend as she explained the 75HARD book.  She was super excited about finishing it, with good reason. 

The second inspiration for the FUN40 was when I was reminded of a “challenge” we did in the group years ago. I think we called it the “Fit and Fun” challenge.  Everyday, we had to do something for fitness and something for fun, and they could be the same thing.

As challenges go, we learned something we didn’t expect; scheduling something fun every day was more effort than expected.

There was a third spark of inspiration as I listened to all the 75HARD rules. I remembered that I don’t really like rules. In fact, at this point in life, suggestions are great, but rules rankle!

Below you’ll find a rough outline of the FUN 40.  Make sure you RSVP, and we’ll go over all the suggestions, how to have them work best for you, and how to play the game.

Before you say, “this sounds great, but I’m going to be traveling,” don’t worry. Rules can be bent and fun activities while traveling should be easy. 

Listen to the full podcast episode below!