Ask Me Anything Fitness Mindset, Adventure & the Negative Voice that Pops Up!

Ask Me Anything: Fitness Mindset, Adventure & the Negative Voice that Pops Up! – Episode 201

Episode Summary

Learn how to have the right fitness mindset and squash the negative voice that pops up!

Every week, I get questions from listeners and readers of my new book, FIT: Active & Ageless for Life! Questions about how to stay on top of your fitness mindset and what to do when negative thoughts pop up.

I’ve spent the last two decades helping women with their fitness consistency, and thus their fitness mindset, because I know how crucial these are to our long-term health and wellness.

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Fitness Starts in Our Heads!

When I talk about a fitness mindset, I mean believing in yourself, challenging yourself, always having something to look forward to, and, most importantly, making sure that negative thoughts don’t derail you and your dreams!  Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

Fitness is not just a Long Game, it’s a Life Game

Falling behind on your workouts? Just restart. Every time you miss a week, start again. Fitness is not a one-and-done option, it’s something you do again and again.

Challenge Yourself

Have new new goals. Create something special to look forward to.  Stretch past your comfort zone! When we stretch past our comfort zone we never go back to being the same person we were before. We have new ideas.  We have new dreams.  We have new FUN.

Try New Things, Experience New Adventures

Make a list of new experiences you’d like to try. Grab a friend or go alone, but either way, make sure you start experiencing new things. It keeps us young and keeps our brains engaged! 

How Do You Stop the Negative Voice in Your Head?

Drown it out with action, self-love, and when you need to, move your attention. Think about something new, listen to a podcast that empowers you, or read a book that engages your mind and imagination. Take action, keep moving, and do things that you enjoy and love.

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