before you write another new year's resolution, do this for your fitness!

Before You Write Another New Year’s Resolution, Do This for Your Fitness! – Episode 213

Episode Summary

“How can I stick to my New Year’s resolutions?” Resolutions can be exciting and powerful, but they can also be painful if you find yourself making the same ones year after year. The resolution process below is designed to empower your entrance into the New Year.

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Key Timestamps

  • (01:26) Tips for making your 2024 successful 
  • (02:14) Get a Journal 
  • (03:24) Get into your “Convincing State”
  • (06:21) Write your “Bliss List”
  • (09:49) What were your wins?
  • (13:01) Make a Power Point list
  • (16:54) Incorporate your lists together
  • (20:29) What didn’t work last year?
  • (22:38) What’s one change that you want to focus on?
  • (29:11) Extra Pointers

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How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Put aside an hour or two to go through this entire process. Give yourself the gift of planning the upcoming year in a relaxed state, which is always more conducive to achieving whatever you desire.

Create a Convincing State

  • Create your Bliss List – What are things, actions, activities, and lifestyle choices that make you smile and bring happiness and enjoyment to your world?
  • Write out your “wins” from the previous year. 
  • Make a list of highlights of the past year.
  • Create a PowerPoint List: What are the most potent things you learned, read, watched, or listened to this last year?

Bring it All Forward

Take Action

  • Schedule your upcoming week
  • Focus on a word that you want 2024 to embody
  • Keep your feeling present, positive, and who you want to be
  • Simple actions like movement, connection, and focusing on your Bliss List will have powerful implications!

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