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9 Steps to Emulate Blue Zones

Most of us don’t live in the Blue Zones. As a matter of fact, some of us live in places that make it really hard to picture living in a Blue Zone. However, there are things we can do and small adjustments we can make to increase our similarities no matter where we are. 

1. Movement

2. Purpose

3. Wind Down

4. Listening

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5. Plant-Based

Most people assume that the people in the Blue Zones all have similar diets. That’s not entirely true. However, it is true that the majority of their diets consist of plant-based foods. So, if you want to emulate the people in the Blue Zones, look for ways to increase the plant-based items in your own diet.

6. Wine

This one is a bit controversial. Depending on your beliefs, ability to handle alcohol, and more, wine may not be a best fit for you, but it was something that was found in all the Blue Zones. Personally, I think the wine drinking had more to do with community and a sense of belonging to a group than the actual beverage.

7. Belonging

Speaking of belonging, people in these zones had a sense of belonging. For most, that was centered around a particular faith or higher power that gave their life meaning beyond this life on earth.

8. Family First

In the U.S., this priority seems to be shifting a bit, but the people in the Blue Zones typically put their families first. In the United States, so many people move away from their families for work and other big opportunities, which can make it a little more challenging to be more family-centric like the people in the zones.

9. Being Selective

Lastly, it’s important to have the right tribe. Have you ever heard people say you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with? Well, this seems to hold some weight. Be intentional with who you spend your time with and make sure that they have similar values and goals.

Three Suggestions to Get Started

If you want to be more like the people in the Blue Zones, you can’t just magically change your life to match all of the items above. Here are three suggestions I have for you to start shifting your life in the right direction…

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