Creating a successful new year's fitness plan

Creating a Successful New Year’s Fitness Plan – Episode 214

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Creating a Successful New Year’s Fitness Plan


Before you can put any fitness plan into action, you first must know what the outcome is you desire. Your desired outcome will drive how you create your fitness plan. Do you need to recover from an injury before you can focus on improving your fitness level? Is this the year you prioritize strength so you can improve your bones? What’s your desired outcome?

Step 1

Step one is to commit to creating and keeping a fitness plan. I have never seen someone successful at improving their fitness without a plan. list or text

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Step 2

Step two is to remember that every fitness plan needs these three basic pieces; mobility, cardio and resistance.

Step 3

Step three is to embrace the fact that every woman who is focusing on her fitness must also be willing to add rest into her fitness. Rest is when we recover, it keeps us from injury and it allows us to enjoy our movement more.

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