Daily Quick Wins to Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever convinced yourself that you’d take charge of your health and fitness once you’ve accomplished “blank”? For a while, my “blank” was starting a business. As a goal-oriented person, I continually put off my health and fitness journey while I poured my time and energy into building a business from scratch. I kept telling myself that I would get back on track once I completed my business tasks. 

If you’ve ever started a business, you know that there is ALWAYS something to be done. If it’s not managing finances, it’s writing social media content. If it’s not sending follow-up emails, it’s searching for new clients. It never ends! If I had waited to pursue my health and fitness journey once my business tasks were complete, I never would’ve pursued it. Instead, I found a way to maintain my health and fitness through daily quick wins while working intently as an entrepreneur. 

I’ve found that jumping into something all at once isn’t sustainable for me and most people. It’s difficult to train for a half marathon while building and growing a business that your family and income depend on. You’re likely having late work nights and long workdays while getting started. Adding in intensive marathon training might make you explode! These are the minimum daily requirements I complete each day to maintain my health and fitness as a busy entrepreneur. 

1. Eat the Right Foods 

View the foods you consume as fuel for your body. Want to feel more energized, creative and alert? Eat nutrient-rich foods throughout the day. 

2. Stretch 

Set aside a few minutes every few hours to get up from your desk and stretch. Complete a few basic stretches to realign your body and increase blood flow. 

3. Complete Basic Exercises 

Similar to stretching, spend a few minutes every few hours to complete basic exercises. Loosen up your muscles and get them moving by doing exercise that you can easily complete in your home or office. 

These three tasks do not move the needle for me, but they do keep me on track daily. Even when I am busy, stressed, or overwhelmed with work, I easily find the time and energy to complete these three simple things. If I am unable to complete my work out for the day, I have peace knowing that I’ve invested time into caring for my body. I am also more motivated to get up the next day and try again, knowing that I didn’t sit around all day and eat junky foods that make me feel bad. 

Rather than cluttering your mind with the many lengthy things you need to accomplish, simplify each day by completing quick wins that excite you and get you moving. For more tips on how to achieve your health and fitness goals as a busy entrepreneur, tune in to episode 25 of the Fit Is Freedom podcast

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