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Do Fitness Resolutions for the New Year Work? – Episode 099

It’s a loaded question; do fitness resolutions for the new year work?

Does it feel like NOT having new year’s resolutions is setting yourself up to fail in a year we’re desperately counting on?

Or, have you noticed that your past new year fitness resolutions just sputtered out after a few weeks, leaving you feeling worse instead of better?

Here’s how I’m tackling 2021 fitness goals; I hope this gives you some ideas to make this a year to accomplish the goals you set out to do.

We are stronger, smarter, and so much better than we might believe.

Fitness Resolution Ideas 

  1. First, start with a theme for the year.

    Last year, my theme was Adventure and Travel.  Ask me how that worked out 😀.  In reality, even though I did almost no travel, some adventures would never have happened if we weren’t in semi-lockdown where I live.  A saltwater surfing kayak, a motorized dirt bike, a back-packing trip.  These all happened because with a theme of adventure and travel, I had to get creative!

    What’s your theme for 2021?  It can be a word, a sentence, a few words; what would make 2021 magical for you?

  2. Next, make some short term goals, say 90 days.

    Ninety days is the perfect time frame to change habits, see results, and still not lose your focus.  When we have year-long goals, they seem so far away that often people put off starting what needs to happen asap.

  3. Then, take your 90-day goals and break them into 30-day sprints.  

    A lot can happen in 30 days when we’re focused and have clarity. Small shifts happen in 30 days, but three sets of 30 equal 90 days, and this is when you get noticable changes.  Noticeably closer to what you want in life.

  4. When you have your 30-day sprints set up, then make a plan.

    (you didn’t think I was letting you off without a plan, did you)? Plans turn dreams into reality.

  5. What happens if you slip up?

    Nothing. Nothing.  Just start again and increase your resolve. We’re human. Life happens. If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it should be patience and grace with ourselves.

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We are stronger, smarter, and so much better than we might believe.  Bring that magic into 2021 and believe.  Here’s to everything you want and desire!

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