Episode 079 – Decluttering Your Health, Heart & Hearth with Heather

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When we try diets ,they’re not fun and they’re not sustainable. The only way we can lose weight is by living the way that we want to live. “If it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable”

This week on the podcast, Heather Aardema joins me to share about clutter and its impact on different kinds of weight loss. 

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the different kinds of clutter, which include:

  • Home Clutter
  • Heart Clutter
  • Head Clutter

Decluttering the head, the heart, and the home will not only lower stress, but also make a huge difference on your weightloss journey. 

Heather and I also look at the different types of weight loss including…

  • Mental Weight
  • Emotional Weight
  • Physical Weight
  • Spiritual Weight

What a fun and eye-opening episode that you definitely won’t want to miss!


Heather Aardema Website https://www.rootofwellbeing.com/

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