Episode 082 – 100% Internally & Externally Motivated

Seize your day with Kelly’s
Motivation Multiplier Method

This week on the podcast, we talked about all things motivation! People have all kinds of different opinions about motivations and the types of motivation it takes to complete a task or reach a goal.

Well, have you ever thought about the fact that motivation can be both 100% internal and 100% external?!

Unlike other things, motivation is a skill that you can learn, and in this episode, we’re going to be breaking down both types of motivation and how we can use them in our own lives.

When it comes to internal motivation, we’ll be exploring the importance of…

  • Motivation Multipliers
  • Self-check ins 
  • Self-understanding

But, we’ll also be looking at the importance of external motivation through…

  • Accountability
  • Friendships
  • Media

Join me on this deep dive into the world of motivation and you’ll be feeling extra motivated to achieve your hopes and dreams in no time!

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