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Do a Sugar Reset in 2021 – Episode 098

Welcome to 2021 and a very Happy New Year to you!  

This week we’re talking all about the benefits of less sugar in our diets and how to accomplish it.  Sugar is addictive, and the more we consume, the more we need to get the same rush.

In honor of 2021, you’re invited to join me, and a bunch of awesome people in a Sugar Reset.  I’m not saying that we have to take sugar completely out of our diets forever but sometimes a good reset is what it takes to start making better choices.

Do you ever wonder what sugar does to your body?

Less sugar means better sleep, clearer skin, less brain fog, less inflammation, more gut health, and thinner waists.

Less sugar means better sleep, clearer skin, less brain fog, less inflammation, more gut health, and thinner waists.  After a year of change, stress, and uncertainty, we desire to start 2021 on a healthy, strong note!

You can get an invite to do a 5-day Sugar Reset at 

Get Started!

Here’s how to start a sugar reset today:

  1. Desire

    ~ You need to really want to do this.  If you’re not ready for the change, wait until you are, no judgment!

  2. Awareness

    ~ Where is the blatant and the hidden sugar in your day-to-day diet? Check labels.

  3. Prepare

    ~ Clean your cabinets, fridge, and freezer of the things you don’t want to be consuming.  Make a shopping list, try new recipes, look for foods and drinks that make you feel good.

  4. Observe

    ~ Start looking for the triggers in your life that make you want sugary foods or drinks.  Typical triggers are: time of day, emotions, location, and activities.

Hope to see you on 1/25 for the 5-day Sugar Rest.  Register here

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