Four Items to Have Prepped and Ready to Increase Fitness Motivation

Are you struggling with a lack of motivation when it comes to pursuing your health and fitness? You’re not alone! We’ve all been there once or twice… or even fifteen times. Maybe you’re low on time or have been fighting off an illness. I totally get it! If it’s because you don’t have the proper tools on hand that are needed to achieve your goals, consider having these four items prepped and ready to increase your fitness motivation all year long. 

1. Shoes

For a while, I had been running on asphalt in tennis shoes that were meant for trail runs. I never understood why my ankles hurt as often as they did, although I knew that I was running correctly. Once I switched from trail running shoes to shoes meant for flat surfaces, I no longer experienced ankle pain, and I started to enjoy running again. 

Whether you enjoy running, walking, hiking, climbing, or biking, purchase shoes that will properly support you while doing your preferred workout activities. If you continually throw on a cheap pair of shoes or shoes made for a different purpose, you’ll likely experience pain and a lack of motivation. 

2. Water Bottle 

I often see people carrying around plastic, disposable water bottles. Not only are they bad for the environment, but they are also hard to keep track of. I’ve found that having a reusable water bottle on hand encourages me to drink water more often. Plus, my water bottle is cute! 

I encourage you to purchase a reusable water bottle that is easy to carry around with you throughout the day and excites you to constantly take a sip. You’ll be surprised at how much more water you’ll consume each day when you have a reusable water bottle on hand. 

3. Tune-Up 

Have you ever gotten a wild hair to hop on your old bike and go for a ride? Once you finally pulled the bike out of the back of the garage, was the chain broken and the tires flat? This situation can be incredibly unmotivating! Whether you ride consistently or might consider getting on the bike again this upcoming year, make sure that your bike has a proper tune-up. 

There are plenty of bike shops around town that offer bike tune-ups at an affordable price. They will adjust shifting systems, brakes, and bearings. They will also fill tires and clean your bike. Bike Barn offers a FREE safety check that includes adjusting your stem, handlebar, crank bolts, and seat torque as well as an inspection of your shifting, braking, tires, wheels, and chain.  There is absolutely no reason that your bike shouldn’t be up to par and ready to ride. 

4. Batteries 

Do you track your steps or workouts with an Apple Watch, FitBit, or heart monitor? Each of these tools utilize batteries that must be charged for them to work properly. There’s nothing worse than getting up early, throwing on clothes for a run, grabbing your FitBit, and it’s… DEAD! Some might wonder if the workout is even worth completing if it isn’t being tracked. 

To avoid this unfortunate situation altogether, get in the habit of charging it each night. This way, you’ll wake up with a full battery and motivation to conquer your fitness goals. 

Whether you’re running low on motivation or you’re feeling discouraged by setbacks, consider having these four items prepped and ready to increase your fitness motivation all year long. For more tips on how to fill your life with the energy needed to accomplish the most important tasks, tune in to episode 2 of the Fit Is Freedom podcast

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