Holiday Food: The Mindful Indulgence Challenge Episode 204

Holiday Food: The Mindful Indulgence Challenge – Episode 204

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I am re-joined by the amazing Monica Reinagel to share a new and exciting fitness approach to the impending holiday season! Join us as we share our plan to approach this season in a way that allows us to enjoy it and indulge in all of the fun and treats without overdoing it! 

We’ve all heard of the Sunday scaries. It’s that little bit of dread and stress that you feel preparing for the week ahead. But have you heard of the holiday scaries? Well, maybe it’s because I just made it up! In all seriousness, so many of us get the holiday scaries when we start to worry about the stress of all the food and drink to come. 

The overindulgence of the season makes so many of us feel like we have to overcompensate when January hits. We feel this pressure to do all of these New Year’s resolutions because we’ve gone way overboard from the first sight of Halloween candy to the final holiday cookie.

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All About Monica

Monica is a trained nutritionist, author, and host of two amazing podcasts (Nutrition Diva and Change Academy) who dedicates her life to helping and coaching others to lead healthier lives.

Ready for easy Fitness Consistency, Accountability & Community? 

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30-Day Nutrition Upgrade

Kelly and Monica are joining forces to offer their listeners a 30-day nutrition upgrade to combat that out-of-control feeling so many of us have with the holiday season quickly approaching! 

What is it?

The program is a 30-day program that focuses on progress and accountability. There is a group element that comes with special access to a Facebook group and special Zoom meetings for support with others participating. You also have access to a special tool (Monica’s App) that allows you to keep track of your choices without feeling completely bogged down, offering just enough structure to hold on to your healthy habits! 

What is the main goal?

The main goal of this program is to bring awareness to your choices during this thirty-day time period in hopes of continuing it through the holidays. It offers support and a touch of accountability in a way that is user-friendly. 

How will it work?

There will be an initial Zoom meeting for a 30-day kickoff! After the kickoff, participants will utilize the App to learn their health “grade” based on their choices throughout this time, aspiring for a particular average instead of having to count every single calorie. Participants will also frequent the Facebook group to share their struggles and successes, learning from each other along the journey.


There are so many reasons why someone would want to join in on this adventure! First and foremost, it will help you stay accountable heading into the holidays. Secondly, surrounding yourself with a community of others who are aspiring for the same goal is a great motivator! Lastly, participating will help you appreciate your choices and learn that there’s a big difference between indulgence and overindulgence. The goal is to learn your limits ahead of this season so that you can truly enjoy them guilt-free!

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