Interview with Dr. Robert Wolfe @ AminoCo - The Science of Living Longer

Interview with Dr. Robert Wolfe @ AminoCo – The Science of Living Longer – Episode 180

Episode Summary

As we age, fueling our bodies properly becomes more and more important. There are certain deficiencies that we need to make up for to prevent loss of muscle mass and stay fit.

One of those deficiencies we experience is protein and, more specifically, essential amino acids. This week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I’m joined by the incredibly knowledgeable Dr. Robert Wolfe, who helps us better understand these deficiencies, what they can do to our body in the long term, and how to prevent it!

With over 40 years of clinical research, three books, and over 500 peer-reviewed publications under his belt, Dr. Wolfe’s vast understanding of muscle metabolism and how it can be affected by aging and stress is fascinating. Join me as we learn more about him, his journey, and how we can take actionable steps to age gracefully.

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About Dr. Wolfe

Dr. Robert Wolfe was a college athlete at UC Berkeley, playing basketball, track, and golf. He returned not long after graduating to obtain his Ph.D., and since then, he has accrued many accolades and published a great deal of works focusing mainly on muscle metabolism.

He served as a faculty professor at Harvard Medical School for nine years.  Dr. Wolfe is currently the Director of Translation Research for Aging and Longevity at the Reynolds Institute of Aging in Little Rock and is also co-founding a company.

Throughout his over 40 years of clinical research, he has written three books, over 500 peer-reviewed published articles, and holds many active patents.

How to Optimize your Diet

The human body has over 3,000 major proteins and about 21 different amino acids that comprise these proteins. The amino acids and the proteins are essential in preventing muscle atrophy and loss.

In addition to proper diet and exercise, supplements can help prevent the muscle loss that happens as people age. As a matter of fact, a recent study found that utilizing supplements with essential amino acids showed a 15% improvement in muscle strength and mass in men and a staggering 50% improvement in women!

Why do women lose more muscles as they age?

As women age, menopause seems to play a significant role in protein metabolism. Changing hormones makes it harder to keep up muscle mass. Another factor that could lead to this is a dietary change in women as they age. Dr. Wolfe shared that women tend to have a sweeter taste preference as they age, which also limits their protein and amino acid intake.

Why try an amino acid supplement?

Supplements can even out your dietary needs to meet the basic requirements. When taking a supplement, you don’t have to worry as much about the protein quantity in your diet, which can get more difficult as we age.

Why are there different formulations?

In Dr. Wolfe’s research, he found that changing the components and ratios of the amino acids can alter your desired outcome. Everyone is different and has different lifestyles, and by varying and customizing your supplement for your lifestyle, you will reap the most benefits.

How do I know which product is best for me?

All products have the same basic components, just with different ratios. Here are the four products…

  • Life

    This supplement is a general stimulant of muscle growth. It targets aging clients who aren’t exercising and still desire to improve their amino acid intake. 
  • Perform

    Perform is designed to promote the maintenance of muscle during exercise. So this is ideally for people who are active and want something to take before their workouts.
  • Heal

    Exercise damages our muscle tissues, and it’s in the regrowth where your muscles build and strengthen. Heal is a supplement designed to help the body rebuild muscles after working out.
  • Purity

    The final product Dr. Wolfe discusses is Purity, a liver product that focuses on preventing the liver from storing unnecessary fat.

Can you take amino supplements and protein supplements together?

It’s important to incorporate supplements and added protein (as well as exercising) to reap the full benefits of muscle growth and loss prevention.

Why do supplements such as these matter?

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to live a longer and healthier life. We want to age gracefully and stay active well into our 60s, 70s, and beyond. Supplements like these aren’t going to be the magic ticket, but they can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle to help promote longevity.

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