Trail Safety for Women, achieving more as a later in life athletic and so much more! - Interview with Bestselling author Kate Champion

Trail Safety for Women, Achieving More as a Later in Life Athletic and so much more! – Interview with Bestselling author Kate Champion – Episode 137

From the moment I read Kate Champion’s book, Never Too Late, I knew I wanted to have her on the podcast to learn more. It was an inspiring page-turner that I simply couldn’t put down! 

In this episode, we’ll not only hear about Kate’s journey into writing, we’ll also discuss a wide variety of topics which include…

  • Letting the fog of doubt clear
  • Measuring “fitness age” over your chronological age
  • The importance of our brains in our fitness journeys
  • Sustainable wellness for the long haul
  • Importance of your circadian rhythm
  • Kate’s new book and tips for women hikers
  • What’s important to keep you fit as you age
  • Importance of community

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Kate is an astounding author who was first inspired to write when she encountered an amazing woman who was well into her 60’s and dominating the trail as a hiking lead for a retreat she was on! From there, Kate realized how inspiring it would be to hear more about later in life athletes and all of the amazing things that they accomplish! 

Here are some important links we mentioned throughout the podcast…

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Listen to the full episode below!

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