Six First Aid Add-ons for Outdoor Adventure. Woman Kayaking

Six First-Aid Add-ons for Outdoor Adventure – Episode 165

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I’m going to share some of my most cherished first aid kit add-ons. From sore feet to alleviating aches and pains, there are several items that could help on your next outdoor adventure.

Most people understand the importance of being prepared for injuries and having the right supplies. Whether it’s a backpacking trip, kayaking, or a simple hike, you’ll likely remember to bring along the first aid kit. Most first aid kits, however, only focus on fixing wounds and injuries.

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First Aid Essentials for Aches and Pains

It goes without saying, I am no doctor! I always advise everyone to consult with their doctors when it comes to health. While I do not have medical credentials, I have had years and years of experience going on various adventures – hiking, biking, kayaking, and more. I wanted to take a moment and share some items that have helped me keep my adventures going. They help me enjoy my adventures more and feel better when I need it.

Of course, you should always pack a first aid kit with all of the essentials for helping in emergency situations. Sometimes though, you might find yourself on a hike where you’re simply uncomfortable. You don’t exactly need medication, but you could use a quick remedy to ease discomfort. 

Here are some items that I’ve found myself packing for my next retreat that do just that…


When I’m hiking, Moleskin is a lifesaver! When the inevitable blister sneaks up on you or one of your friends, you’ll be so glad that you popped some in your pack.

Biofreeze Roll On

For general aches and pains. I have a couple of things I pack, but a Biofreeze Roll-On is a great way to temporarily relieve pain and get me through the hike or adventure.


I’ve lately discovered the helping properties of CBD while adventuring outdoors. While some people use it for anxiety relief, it’s also becoming more and more popular amongst hikers for its anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief. 

Foot Rubz

Maybe blisters aren’t what is plaguing your feet. Maybe it’s soreness and tightness from walking long distances. If that’s the case, my go-to is a Foot Rubz. These spikey balls look like the opposite of what you’d want, but I absolutely love them and don’t leave for an adventure without them.

Compression Socks

Another way to help make your feet and lower legs more comfortable is compression socks. I have a pair from several years back that I absolutely love.

Trigger Balls

If you’re feeling aches and pains in your back from carrying your pack for long amounts of time, you could consider packing trigger balls. Personally, I prefer to put two in a sack and use them as a personal masseuse, but just one can also get the job done and relieve some of the tension and tightness.

Red Light Therapy

Recently, I’ve been utilizing red light therapy as another way to relieve discomfort. There are devices at all price points.

The Ready State

My final piece of advice to prepare for the aches and pains that come with challenging your body is to explore and join The Ready State. Discomfort and soreness come with the territory of being adventurous outside. This website literally has an area where you can pinpoint your discomfort, and it offers suggestions for alleviating them. It’s seriously a game-changer! 

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