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Summer Stars – Back in Action: Understanding and Overcoming Back Pain. Interview with Leon Turetsky – Episode 193

Episode Summary

Join us as we discuss the common culprits of back pain and what we can do to stop it in its tracks and prevent it from ever coming back! 

We’ve all had back pain or discomfort at one point or another. As a matter of fact, I was researching how to best help a client through her back issues when I stumbled upon this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast’s guest, Leon Turetsky! He is a professional ballroom dancer who used his experience with back discomfort to help others deal with their own.

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About Leon Turetsky

Leon is a professional ballroom dancer, certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, and owner of the company Back Intelligence. He organically developed his company from a genuine interest in finding ways to correct his personal back pain while traveling as a dancer. The more he learned, the more he wanted to share his newfound knowledge to help others.

You can find more information about Leon and Back Intelligence by visiting his company’s website and Youtube channel.

Why Back Problems May Occur

There are a myriad of reasons why back problems can occur for people, and it’s important to determine what is causing discomfort, pain, and injuries to properly treat it and prevent it from happening again. Here are some common ways one may develop back discomforts…

  • Poor Posture – As we learn from Leon, posture is crucial. Even with a perfect posture on the dance floor, Leon himself discovered the issues with his posture while traveling and how that was affecting him.
  • Underactivity – Sitting for long periods of time (especially with bad posture) can be detrimental to our backs. The average person may sit for 7+ hours a day at work only to drive home (while sitting in the car), then sit down for dinner, watch a few shows, and head straight to bed. This kind of sedimentary lifestyle simply isn’t good for our muscles and tissues.
  • Overactivity – On the other hand, some people experience back pain from straining, pulling, or tearing certain muscles and tissues from overuse. Overactivity can also cause spasms and stressed muscles that will need intervention.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways one can develop back injuries. However, these are some of the most commonly diagnosed issues.

Tips for Dealing with Back Problems

Once you’ve determined what is causing discomfort, it’s important to take action. First and foremost, it’s important to discuss any pain, discomfort, or injuries with your doctor. You must rule out any harmful injuries and get your healthcare provider’s insight before moving forward in healing and prevention. The following suggestions on dealing with back problems are in no way meant to take the place of a professional’s opinion.

  • Understand Your Body

As we discussed, it’s important to know what is triggering discomfort in your body before moving forward. For example, if opening a door is causing sharp pain, you may be able to look at strengthening your core and correct this issue. Pay attention to your body and your pain triggers, then move forward.

  • Take a Holistic Approach

Talking with your doctor is important. Taking appropriate measures to correct and prevent your issues is also important. However, many don’t think about the power of your mind and how it’s also very important in recovery. Mental health, mindset, and lifestyle also correlate with causing pain, so it’s crucial not to overlook them.

  • Get Up Every 30-40 Minutes

Because sitting too often is a big cause of back pain Leon recommends getting up every 30-40 minutes, especially if you’re working in a traditional office job. Get up and go get water, take a quick 5-minute walk, stand up and stretch, or do whatever it takes to keep yourself from sitting for too long.

  • Practice Good Posture

Pain in your neck and low back can come from sitting in a hunched position with your head forward, which is common for people sitting and looking at their computers or phones. Your back needs to be in a natural S curve with your spine neutral.

  • Work on Mobility

Everything is connected, and mobility and flexibility can help prevent stiffness, tight muscles, and pain. From your neck and upper traps to your hip flexors, taking time to work on mobility can greatly help with discomfort in your back. Leon discusses all sorts of tutorials for stretching can be found on his company’s Youtube channel.

  • Ice and Heat Can Help

If it’s a newly acute pain like a quick spasm, ice can really help with inflammation. If it’s a persistent issue lasting 3-6 months or more, heat can also help ease pain and discomfort.

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