Summer Stars - Mind, Body, Kitchen Author Stacey Crew

Summer Stars – Mind, Body, Kitchen Author Stacey Crew – Episode 198

Episode Summary

On this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, Stacey Crew will be joining me for a wonderful and important conversation about overall wellness. She is an author, radio host, and health coach who has dedicated her life to helping others with their personal transformations through mind, body, and kitchen. From organization and meal planning to spending less time on our phones. We discuss all kinds of things that can help us reach our potential. 

Over the years, I’ve discovered that health and fitness isn’t just about working out and eating healthy. There’s so much more to our mental and physical well-being, and our guest this week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast is a testament to this!

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All About Stacey Crew

Stacey can do it all! She is the author of Mind, Body, Kitchen and The Organized Mom, the host of the radio show “Practical Mindset”, and a Certified Health Coach. Her journey into this amazing career started with her own personal transformation. 

It began with finding a passion for decluttering and organizing and realizing how impactful it was on her mental health and wellbeing. Later on, she began running, which made her realize that her diet needed some tweaking in order to be successful in her new endeavor. One thing led to another, and Stacey discovered how all of these things connected to form a better her. It was at this point that she decided to help others make similar transformations with their lives.

All About Mind, Body, Kitchen

This book stemmed from Stacey’s discovery that health and fitness requires a more holistic approach. Upon this discovery, she decided she wanted to help others experience their own personal transformations just as she did. Her goal with the book was to create a guide to simplify the complicated information out there in the world and get right to the results.

As Stacey shares on her website, Mind, Body, Kitchen is separated into three different parts. The parts focus on creating a healthier you, healthier kitchen, and healthier home.

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Mind, Body, and Kitchen

Throughout the podcast, Stacey shares wisdom from her personal life, her books, and her radio show. Here are some ways she discussed that can help improve your mind, body, and kitchen!

“A health plan is like a home remodel”

In her book, Stacey shares that a health plan is like a home remodel. A lot of times, when people are renovating their homes, they uncover a lot of unaccounted for twists and turns. Let’s say a couple wants to redo their kitchen floors, but when they pull the floors, they find the subfloor rotting. So, what started as a simple task turns into something a bit more complex. 

With a health plan, it can be similar. Maybe you start your health journey on January 1 with a brand new gym membership. But, once you start going, you realize that you need to get more sleep or adjust your diet to have more energy.

Think More Holistic

Like the analogy above, we are complicated human beings. There’s so much that goes into our health and wellness, and it’s important to think about it in those terms. You’re not going to reach all of your goals simply by working out while eating Twinkies for every meal. You’re not going to reach your goals if you eat a balanced diet, but you sleep 5 hours each night and watch 5 hours of television a day. 


A big part of health that Stacey shares about is the power of decluttering (the mind and the home). One amazingly simple tip is the GO PACK method for organizing, which stands for: group objects, purge, assign, contain, and keep it up! 

Eliminate Distractions

Everyone is different and has different distractions in their lives. For some, it is their phones or the television. For Stacey, it was the news. It was creating so much worry and stress in her life that she realized her mental health needed her to take a break from it. Finding your distraction and eliminating (or limiting) it can really help your progress. 

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