Take Action to Get Fit: Interview with Lindsey House, Accountability Coach

Take Action to Get Fit: Interview with Lindsey House, Accountability Coach – Episode 199

Episode Summary

On this week’s episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, learn how to get off the sidelines and take action towards your fitness goals with Lindsey House, dietitian and personal trainer turned accountability coach! 

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More About Lindsey House

Lindsey always heard her clients saying, “I know what to do, I just need to do it,” so she made it her personal mission to help individuals take action. While taking action, individuals get to see other exciting results, such as:

  • Letting go of the all-or-nothing mentality (overcoming perfectionism)
  • Getting off the sidelines in life and feeling energetic enough to participate
  • Decreasing joint soreness to enjoy something as big as travel and as small as playing on the floor with grandkids

Lindsey is honored to be invited on her clients’ personal health journeys & be part of the accountability dream team!

Connect with Lindsey

Extra Support & Accountability from Lindsey

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