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The TED of Fitness: Workout Motivation – Episode 117

If you’re feeling like you need a jumpstart in motivation with your workout plan, you won’t want to miss this! 

Do you ever feel like your workouts are just bleh? There’s nothing exciting going on with them, and they just seem to lack soul?

Well, this week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I’m going to be talking about the importance of adding the “secret sauce” that will help you get motivated and start seeing progress!

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I like to call this “secret sauce” the TED of Fitness. Not only will I be outlining what exactly it is and how it will help you in your fitness journey, I’ll also be discussing…

  • How to plan your workouts for the week
  • How to better see where you stand with your fitness
  • How to better see where you’re improving and where you need to improve 
  • The Effort Scale and why you shouldn’t schedule every workout at a 5!

Listen to the full episode below!

Motivation: A Skill You Can Learn Quickly

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