Wellness Boosts: Top Fitness & Health Devices Revealed

Wellness Boosts: Top Fitness & Health Devices Revealed – Episode 187

Episode Summary

In the health and fitness world, it seems like people are always talking about diet and exercise. There are things we need to take out of our diet or add in. There are always new and life changing exercises that we MUST try to reach our goals. But, there’s something else that is equally important, but not talked about as much….And that’s rest and recovery!

Rest and recovery are essential to meet your health and fitness goals, which is why I’m taking some time out today on this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast to discuss this. I’ll be sharing my top 7 items that I’ve found to be complete game changers for my rest and recovery, which include…

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Top Items for Rest and Recovery

Whether it’s getting enough high quality sleep or helping your muscles recover through massages and other techniques, there are so many different items on the market designed to help us out. Here are some of my favorites…

1. Chili Pad

Getting the recommended amount of sleep is instrumental in reaching your health and fitness goals. This ChiliSleep cooling mattress topper has been a complete game-changer! It goes right on top of my mattress and allows me to adjust how cool I want it to feel.

2. Oura Ring

A lot of times, we will think we’re getting adequate sleep when we’re really not. You may be going to bed at the right times, but your body may not be getting the good, deep sleep that you need. I love the Oura ring because it helps me monitor my sleeping habits and even gives you a “sleep score.” It allows me to learn about myself and learn how I can adjust my sleep for the better.

3. Red Light Theraphy

It’s a little bit of a funny story of how I got into red light therapy. It was actually for my cat at first. I learned about it from her vet and how it could help her heal. From there, I ended up reading a book about red light therapy and its benefits for me. 

Now, I have a panel for myself and utilize it when I am recovering. It’s been a game-changer, and I highly recommend that you read up on it for yourself!

4. Alen Air Filters

Rest and recovery aren’t all about sleeping and taking care of our joints. It can also be making sure that we are breathing in high quality air. Recently, I invested in some of these amazing filters, and I can really tell the difference!

5. Thumper Massage Unit

Maybe this one goes without saying? Either way, I’m sharing because this is definitely a favorite recovery tool for when I have some intense aches and pains! As a matter of fact, my Thumper massage unit was quite a popular commodity on a recent hiking trip with some clients and friends!

6. Brain Tap

This one is definitely unique. The Brain Tap is a contraption that looks a bit like headphones, and it helps people focus with meditation by synchronizing with brain waves. I have personally found that it’s helped my focus while meditating, so you may want to give it a try as well.

Either way, meditation is another great way to recover from your typical exercise regimen, slow down the brain, and allow your whole body to rest.

7. Neuro MD

My final recommendation that will help with rest and recovery is the Neuro MD. It’s a butterfly-shaped compact device that uses electrical stimulation to bring pain relief and recovery. I personally love to use it on my lower back region, which is perfect for lifters, and hikers who carry around big packs everywhere and anyone in between. 

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