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3 Months. A Real-Life Fitness Story – What Can Change in 90-days – Episode 228

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Journey to Reaching Your Goals: A Client’s Story

Three months ago I was re-acquainted with someone who used to be a part of my company years ago. Despite us losing touch, she kept up with me through the podcast, and I was so pleasantly surprised when she booked a phone call with me!

Lost Momentum

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When we reconnected, her main goal was to lose the weight she had regained. She was in a lot of discomfort and pain while also being under a great deal of stress with her job. She felt that the best ways to start alleviating some of those things was to start by making a plan to lose weight, and then move onto other aspects of health and fitness.

Making a Plan

With this particular client, I knew her history. I knew how much she thrived in a community of cyclists who held her accountable and enjoyed her company. With this in mind, here are the main focuses we had for her plan of action:


Three Tips for Getting Back on Track

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