Freedom Is Fit, Strong, Confident, Adventurous and Pain-Free Joints! Woman with arms outstretched on a mountain top wearing a blue coat and orange backpack.

Freedom Is: Fit, Strong, Confident, Adventurous and Pain-Free Joints! – Episode 212

Spoiler alert! I’m a sucker for a happy ending, and this episode is full of them! 

I’m joined this week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast by my friend and our Alumni, Anne. She’s an amazing member of our community who has made so many strides since joining the tribe. 

Learn about her journey from joint pain and an unbalanced diet with activity on the backburner to taking control of her freedom by finding the fit!

We’ll also be touching on…

  • The importance of moving through the discomfort  
  • Unexpected benefits of being fit
  • Importance of a community to reach your goals
  • How being fit really matters for a life freedom

If you’ve been wondering about what the Fit is Freedom Experience is like, this is a wonderful taste of our community.

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Ready for easy Fitness Consistency, Accountability & Community? 

we’re on fire…🔥🔥

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