Ask Me Anything From Getting Back with Your Fitness on Track to Starting over from Injuries and Much More. Q&A with Kelly Howard

Ask Me Anything: From Getting Back with Your Fitness on Track to Starting over from Injuries and Much More – Episode 172

Episode Summary

You’re in for a treat with this one! Join me this week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, where I will take all your questions in this Q&A-style episode. From weather changes to simply hating the gym, I’ll be addressing some of your biggest fitness concerns and roadblocks while giving reasonable steps to overcoming them!

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Q&A with Kelly Howard

Q: When the weather changes, I lose momentum. What should I do?

A: Honey, I live in Texas. If there’s anyone who relates to this question, it is ME! But, of course, I know so many people can also relate. Whether it gets scolding hot in summer if you live anywhere in the South or you struggle navigating freezing temps in the winter, we all more than likely experience this at some point. Here are three of my top tips for keeping momentum despite the weather…


If you know the weather is impending, you have time to prepare physically and mentally. Stock up on appropriate clothing and gear or research fun and exciting activities that are appropriate in that particular weather to try. If it gets too cold to run for you, maybe you could look into local skiing routes. If it’s too hot to run or hike in your area, maybe you could find a local lake or creek to give kayaking or paddle boarding a try.


In the summers in Texas, it gets unbearably hot. If I am preparing to go on a hike in the heat of the summer, I will not only prepare by ensuring that I have plenty of water and appropriate clothing and head coverage, but I will also make sure to acclimate myself to the weather beforehand. This can be done by spending time outdoors ahead of time in little increments and building up my resistance. This can also be done beforehand by not blasting the AC in the car before heading out. Maybe I’ll roll the windows down or turn it off so that it’s not such a stark difference between the car and my hike.

Remember, It’s Temporary

Just know if you are feeling less motivated or losing momentum because of the weather, this too shall pass. It’s okay for your momentum to waiver. It’s okay to stay out of the weather if it still makes you uncomfortable despite attempts to prepare and acclimate. Find indoor activities, make them as fun as possible, and know that this time will pass and it doesn’t define you.

Q: What can I do if I feel like I’m getting by but not getting better?

A: The age-old excuse of “I’m just at that age where nothing will work” is complete baloney! If you’re working consistently but feeling like you are plateauing, my biggest tip is to change it up! You can’t keep expecting results if you do the same thing again and again. 

When you notice you are feeling this way, start by assessing where you’re at. What does your fitness look like? Where are there gaps? How can you change it up or fill those gaps? Sometimes, it can be something we discover ourselves, while other times, we may need a coach or a close friend to help us. Find those gaps and find new and exciting ways to fill them and you’ll be right back on track!

Q: I know I need strength training, but I hate going to the gym. Thoughts?

A: Chances are if you “hate exercising,” it probably means that you aren’t doing the right stuff. By “right stuff,” I mean the right exercises for YOU.  There are so many different ways to build strength other than the traditional hour-long weight-lifting session at your local gym.

My biggest advice for anyone who doesn’t enjoy exercising or has a negative attitude towards it is to find something FUN! Having fun while working on your fitness will not only make it “less unbearable” but will help you with your motivation and its effectiveness. If you hate the gym, look into creating a home gym, taking a class at your local rec center, scavenge the Internet for the thousands of Youtube videos for yoga, pilates, kettlebell workouts, and more. Sign up for Peloton classes or subscribe to a workout regimen. Keep trying new things until you find something that you enjoy and that makes you feel good! 

Listen to the full episode for the rest of the Q&A!

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