Ask Me Anything Help, I Need a Fitness Program and Only Have 30 Minutes - Tops! Does Walking Do Anything. Kelly Howard and two friends on a hike.

Ask Me Anything: Help, I Need a Fitness Program and Only Have 30 Minutes – Tops! Does Walking Do Anything? – Episode 174

Episode Summary

This week, I will be sharing how to start your day with less aches and pains, how to get the most bang for your buck with only 30 minutes to workout. We’ll also cover how to know where to start on your new fitness journey! 

Last month, I started a Q&A for rapid fire questions. In true Kelly fashion, I dove way too deep into each question I was asked!  So, this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast is a continuation of my Q & A. Consider it a part 2 where I answer your questions! 

As always, if you have any questions for me, there are several places you can reach me! There’s a contact form on my website, you can DM me on my socials, or you can simply shoot me an email to!

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Q1: When I get up in the morning, everything hurts. What should I do?

1. Assess Yourself

I know it can feel like “everything hurts,” but oftentimes, it can be something that is triggering other issues. I would start by assessing yourself. Be in tune with your body and think about what is truly hurting. Is there a root to the issue? 

Oftentimes, it can be a simple solution. Maybe if it’s your neck, you could simply try a new pillow. If you’re stiff, some morning mobility could do the trick. Or, if it is something that needs intervention, it’s still always good to assess yourself first and evaluate what is actually going on.

2. Don’t Panic

An injury or a discomfort that happens suddenly can be alarming. More often than not, the issue is temporary and not at all life-altering. Our bodies are amazing at coming back, so it’s important to simply stay calm, take the right precautions, and be patient. You’ll be back at it in no time!

3. Start your Day with Mobility

Like I mentioned in tip number 1, mobility is so important and gets even more important as we get older. Oftentimes, our body is just stiff in the mornings. Mobility is simply warming up the body through movements. Some quick yoga poses in the morning can get your body up and ready for the day.

4. Take Care of Yourself

If you aren’t noticing improvement or know that you need something more, do what you and your doctor think is best for your body. Do you need physical therapy? Do you need some advice on some new stretches? 

Personally, if I have some aches, I love checking out It’s like PT on your computer and has been a complete game changer for helping me work through some twinges or soreness!

Q2: I only have 30 minutes a day to myself. What do you recommend?

While this may not seem like a lot of time, I have a feeling you’ll find that if you use it wisely, you’ll surprise yourself with what all you can accomplish. I’ve created two workout recommendations that I think would bring the bang for your buck!

Day 1

ExerciseLength of Time
Mobility5 Minutes
Outdoor Movement10 Minutes
Resistance Training15 Minutes

As I mentioned with the first question, mobility is so incredibly important, so always start your limited time with mobility.  Next, I am a FIRM believer in being outdoors. Not just for our physical well-being but also for our mental well-being. So, I would find an activity outdoors for as little as 10 minutes.

Lastly, resistance training gets more and more important as we get older because we begin to lose our muscle mass. Find some form of resistance training that you enjoy, and devote just 15 minutes to it.

Day 2

ExerciseLength of Time
Mobility5 Minutes
High Intensity20 Minutes
Recovery 5 Minutes

For days where the weather is less than ideal or you are looking to mix things up, I am a big fan of high-intensity workouts. Now, I’m not exactly talking about high-intensity training where you are doing 1000 burpees. I’m simply talking about hard, strenuous movements with breaks in between. 

One great start for getting into high-intensity workouts could be walking as fast as you can for 30 seconds and then walking at a normal pace for 1 minute and repeating this cycle. You could do this same model for running, going upstairs, and more. Simply put, it’s going as hard as you can at something for 30 seconds and then resting for 1 minute.

Q3: I don’t know where to start. Help?

I know, I know. It’s such a simple, yet complicated question. Oftentimes, getting started is half the battle, and it can be very overwhelming. In general, my fitness advice is that you need a mix of mobility, cardio, and resistance. That’s the magic combination to get you where you need to go. 

But, if you are feeling incredibly lost and have no clue where to begin, I’d suggest assessing the following…

How is your sleep?

It’s amazing how much our sleep (or lack of it) can affect the rest of our life. Start by looking at and assessing your sleep. Brainstorm ways to improve this area.

How is your nourishment?

There are all kinds of diets and fads out there. I’m not talking about jumping on a particular diet, but it can be helpful to take a closer look at what you’re eating. Is the majority of it processed? Then, it could be affecting your energy levels as well! 

What am I currently doing fitness-wise?

What are your current fitness activities? If there are none, you can always start incredibly small. A 10-minute walk outside, parking farther away from the grocery store, and other similar things. Look at what you’re doing and for how long and see if there’s an area for improvement. 

If you are completely lost, you can always find a professional to talk with and to help you gain some insight. Here’s a link where you can schedule a simple 15-minute call with me! I can give you immediate feedback and help you get started.

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