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Avoiding the Big Bad 3 of Fitness Accountability – Episode 119

A lot of fitness experts will tell you accountability is the holy grail of fitness.

But the truth is…

It has to be the RIGHT kind of accountability.  

You can’t leave your fitness up to your friends, your life partner or definitely not to any fitness app.

Between letting you off the hook, skipping the workout to watch Netflix and eat pizza…

…“it will be so fun to cuddle, let’s skip that walk just tonight,

…or the dopamine highs, lows and crashes of your fitness app,

…it can all feel like nothing is ever going to work.

The good news? Accountability really can be easy.

✅ Just listen to the simple, 3 step process I’ve outlined in this podcast episode.  This is the exact process I share with my 1:1 clients who are kicking butt and making life great.

✅ Take notes. Ask me questions. (I check these posts and will answer any question left in the comments.) 

✅ Join me on a Monday Live and ask me your fitness questions in person.

Get your invite to the upcoming event here

I’ll give you steps that you can literally start right now that are free, easy and fun.  Because if it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable! 

Remember, together we’re unstoppable. 

Hit play and let’s do this!

Listen to the full Episode below!

How to use Accountability to Get Exactly What You Want ~ Client Interview

Fitness Accountability: Is it Working or Hurting?

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