Be Your Best Self - Interview with Joe Jacobi

Be Your Best Self: Gold Habits from an Olympic Gold Medalist – Episode 209

Episode Summary

Are there areas of your life that you wish you could improve, but you simply feel like it would be compromising your life and your lifestyle? Well, this week I’m joined by Olympic gold medalist Joe Jacobi whose mission is to help others be their best self WITHOUT compromising their life!

After his 2004 Olympics debut, Joe has dedicated his life, through his book and being a high performance coach helping people reach their potential. On the podcast, we discuss all the ways we can set ourselves up for success.

In this episode, we’ll be addressing:

  • Setting up the night before
  • Eliminating distractions
  • The importance of finding what’s in your way
  • Making small adjustments to change your life

Listen to the Full Episode Below!

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One of the things I love about Joe (as you’ll see in the interview) is his approach to fitness and well-being. It’s not a DO or DIE approach. It’s a realistic look at our goals, assessing where we are, improving step by step while giving grace along the way. 

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