How to conquer your bucket list fitness goals

How to Conquer Your Bucket List Fitness Goals: Interview with Julia Goodfellow-Smith – Episode 122

This week on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I am thrilled to sit down with Julia Goodfellow-Smith and discuss all things goals and beyond!

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Everyone has a bucket list, right? Well, maybe not a clearly defined, written out one, but everyone has at the very least a mental list of things they’d like to accomplish.

The question is…How many of us actually set out and cross these bucket list items off? Chances are, if it’s on your bucket list, it’s a pretty lofty goal. It may even be something you don’t really think will ever happen, or you haven’t started planning out how to actually make it happen.

After tiring of her long commutes and chronic health struggles, Julia didn’t let the pandemic slow her down from leaving her career behind on the quest to become a “Professional Adventurer.”

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As the author of Live Your Bucket List, Julia takes time with us to share the amazing adventure that got her started (which involves being dressed as a jellyfish, I might add.)  How to move from just dreaming about things on your bucket list, to actually doing them.  We cover breaking down your bucket list, and taking the steps needed to achieve them TODAY! 

Julia Goodfellow-Smith in her jellyfish costume.

Listen to the full episode below!

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