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December can be a Month of Fitness Fun! – Episode 166

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I’m going to be sharing a new perspective on what December can look like and how it can set you up for a strong January through a fun finish. 

With January being the starting line for everyone’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations, December is often seen as the opportunity to simply coast into the finish line. For many, it’s the time to slow down and let routines and goals slip in the name of “New Year, New Me.” 

What if your December didn’t have to look that way?

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Finishing Strong with a Fun December

Yes, January is often seen as a fresh start. Many people love this month and how it brings promises of new beginnings. But what if you didn’t have to keep putting off your new, improved, or more fit you? 

What if you embraced December with all of its hectic schedules, mile-high to-do lists, and time with family and friends? What if you used this unique month to your advantage?

Find Fun

Fitness can and should be fun! Dedicate the month of December to find new and fun things to try before setting all of your resolutions and goals.

There are plenty of fun activities you can find for this time of year. Turkey trots, skiing, indoor swimming parks for the family, hiking, indoor climbing gyms, and so much more.

You could try new things on your own or with your loved ones. You could set a goal to carve time to do three fit-related activities per week or try two completely new ones this month.

Think of December as a time to explore and make fitness fun. If you find things you love, you’re going to make your fitness more sustainable and set you up for a more successful January.

Find Time

Yes, you can think of December as this secret month to discover more fun! However, we can’t ignore the fact that December may also be a very busy month for most people! 

Even in the busiest of times, we can find some wiggle room, and December is no exception!

Make Plan

One of the best ways to find time for fun is to pencil it in! As you’re heading into the crazy month, take a glance at your calendar. Find some days in the week when you can plan these activities or squeeze in a new Youtube workout and write it out. If you plan for it, you’re more likely to commit to it! 

Look for Time Wasters

If you are looking at your schedule and feel like there is no time, start searching for your time wasters. Do you notice any unnecessary scrolling at night? On weekends, does it take you 30 minutes of snoozing before popping out of bed? Carve out small pockets of time and start weaving in some fun fitness! Once you see you can do it, you’ll do it even more! 

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