Episode 063 – Declutter. Clear Your Space = Clear Your Mind!

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In honor of our topic of “Decluttering” today, our show notes are going to be very simple.

As many of us have been quarantined, our homes begin to feel smaller when clutter and life start to pile up.  So many of my friends began their quarantine organizing and straightening, only to get overwhelmed after weeks of being inside, in slowly tightening quarters. 

Clearing clutter helps us raise our energy, feel better AND find things we no longer care for that we can share with someone who would love to have it.  Less clutter also lowers decision fatigue!  

Ready to dive in?  For a detailed checklist on how to declutter, grab today’s Tip Sheet below.  Here’s a quick decluttering suggestion.

  1. Pick one room and one particular area (example: 1 closet not the entire bedroom)
  2. Use a timer.  Give yourself a specific time to do the work.  Remember, work expands to the allotted amount of time…
  3. Create 3 piles

Pile 1.   I absolutely don’t need or want this anymore

Pile 2.   Love this.  These are the things you need, want, and use consistently.

Pile 3.   Purgatory.  Don’t really want to get rid of it, but you don’t wear it anymore.           

Donate, recycle or toss the things you don’t use or need.  We have a “donate area” in a closet and once a month I gather what’s there and give it away.  Sometimes to a friend who has admired something, sometimes to the local shelter.


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