Fitness Challenges Suck. But Challenging Yourself is the Smartest Move You Can Make. Closeup of two women in workout shoes walking along a path.

Fitness Challenges Suck, But Challenging Yourself is the Smartest Move You Can Make – Episode 170

Episode Summary

Are they really worth the hype? Join me as we walk through the pros and cons of joining a 30-day challenge.  We’ll also cover tips for determining which 30-day challenge will truly challenge yourself in a way that is beneficial and worthwhile! 

30-day challenges have been growing wildly in popularity, especially during all of the new-year buzz. I feel like I am seeing 30-day challenges EVERYWHERE!

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Is a 30-Day Challenge Worth It?

Challenges can be the sucky thing to do. Challenging yourself though, can be a dream come true. It’s all in which kind you choose, how you approach it, and your level of flexibility. 

We see them all the time–the 30-day crunch challenge or the 30-day squat challenge. In theory, it sounds so easy!  But, in reality, a lot of challenges are sold as broad reaching when they’re really not for everyone. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons…

Negatives of Challenges

Too Specific

Most challenges, like the “30-day crunch challenge,” only focus on one movement. Aside from the fact that crunches aren’t the most effective form of core movements, doing one movement constantly over a whole month can bring deficits to other parts of your fitness or body if you’re not properly training, stretching, or otherwise.

Short-Term Motivation

When you get your challenge started, it’s so exciting!  But that motivation is bound to wane. Slip-ups will happen and the motivation can quickly turn into guilt, which isn’t really what health and fitness are all about.

Positives of Challenges


If you select the right challenge, it can serve as a great kickstart to future habits. For example, if you participate in a 30-day sugar-free challenge where you avoid any and all processed sugars, you will find yourself less motivated to eat those even after the challenge.

Appropriate Length for Results

30 days is plenty of time to see results. Especially if you are choosing a challenge that focuses on mobility, weight loss with changes in eating, or mobility, you will definitely be able to feel or see results in this timeframe.


A 30-day challenge is simply exciting! There’s just something about joining a challenge with your friends that can really bring some variety into your fitness routine.

Tips for Challenges

If you pick the right 30-day challenge, you’ll be able to experience all of the positives while minimizing the negatives. Here are some things to consider when selecting one that is right for you…

Pick One For YOU

Don’t just join a 30-day challenge because your office is doing one. Really consider what you want to focus on and what movements or objectives will best serve your body.

Pick One That Shows Results

As mentioned above, 30 days is enough time to show results. Results can be incredibly motivating to take your challenge beyond that 30-day window and into your everyday life.  Select one where you will be able to quantifiably see, feel, or notice a difference.  

Look for Fun

There are so many challenges available out there: some that prepare you for a race, ride, or hike, some that challenge you physically and mentally, and even some that are virtual.  Shop around and find one that you feel would be incredibly fun.  

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