Friendship: The Ultimate Superpower!

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just wish you could hit the reset button and start over? I was having one of those weeks not too long ago. I was spreading myself too thin, working crazy hours, and missed some big deadlines, including my podcast recording! I wanted to just crawl in bed and forget the week, so I pretty much did.

Well, the day after my podcast was due to air, I got a text from a friend checking in on me. Then another text from another friend. They wanted to know if I was okay since missing deadlines and skipping the podcast is very unusual for me. This struck a place in my heart, and I remembered how important friendship is for my life and even for my goals. 

         On that day, my friends’ simple acts of texting made me realize all at once that I had become a little too focused on my work and goals, and I had fallen into this void where I was missing out on human connection and fun!

         I decided right then and there to come up with a way to prevent myself from falling into this friendless void again, and here’s how I did it:

  1. Make a List of Friends

I have all kinds of friends, but this list of friends was very specific. I made a list of friends that whenever our conversation is over, I feel energized and happy. These are the go-to friends that I want to talk with and be around all of the time.

  1. Make Some Plans

Once I had my list of go-to friends, I started slowly making plans. It just isn’t feasible to connect with my friends constantly. We are all busy. So, we made once or twice a month “line in the sand plans”, meaning that we were going to fully commit to attending and spending time with one another.

  1. Make Time for Other Connections

Sometimes, it’s not feasible to meet a friend for coffee or chat on the phone. If I’m too busy, I like to find time to feel connections to other people through podcasts or videos. It’s a great way to give myself a break from work, hear some human connection, and have time for myself.

  1. Utilize Accountability

Gary Keller, author of The ONE Thing, explained it best when talking about achieving goals. When we write goals down, we are significantly more likely to achieve them. But, when we have an accountability partner, the statistics go up even more! Finding those special friends to chat and connect with each week will really awaken your own superhuman strength because they will hold you accountable and support you in your goals and aspirations.

Friends do so much for our lives. They lift us up when we’re down, and they bring us back down to earth when we need it. They encourage us, and hold us accountable. Finding a great friend is like unleashing this superpower that you may never have realized. I’m thankful that I had that major fail that week because it brought on this big win the next.If you’d like to hear more about the superpower of human connection and friendship, be sure to give Episode 23 a listen on the Fit is Freedom Podcast!

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