How to hit the RE-START Button for Your Fitness. Magenta reset button on a computer keyboard.

How to hit the RE-START Button for Your Fitness – Episode 158

It Happens to Us All. You Need a Fitness Reset

Something slowed you down or you got off track. We’d all love to believe that our fitness is a straight line, but the reality is that we are always course-correcting in life.

> You’ve been traveling

> You had an injury

> A family member has been ill

> New (insert your) job, house, relationship, dog…

> The heat (or cold) outside has you staying in and slowing down

The thing is, life happens. When it does, our routines suffer. And, when our practices start slipping, our minds can go straight to worry mode! 

“Am I going to lose all the fitness I’ve gained these last three months?”

“Is the weight I’ve lost going to come back?”

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