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In a Rush? What ‘Your Hurry’ Might be Telling You About Your Fitness – Episode 192

Episode Summary

For this episode of the Fit is Freedom Podcast, I simply wanted to pop on for some quick words of wisdom. You see, I’ve noticed throughout my life that the things I’ve dwelled on, worried about, and ruminated on are typically a lot less scary when I just do it. Sitting around and thinking about what I need to do only makes things worse, and if I want to accomplish something confidently, I will just dive in.

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Confidence Comes From Action

For me, writing a book was something that scared me. Sitting and thinking about it brought all of these unnecessary doubts and fears. But, the days that I said, “Suck it up, Kelly,” and made myself sit down and write were the days when I felt my confidence grow. I realized, “Hey, I can do it!” 

Because I felt that positive feeling, I would continue to schedule times for me to write, and this created an endless cycle of taking action and building my confidence until I accomplished it! 

The same can be used for anything in your life. Whether you want to improve your fitness or start learning to cook, if you take action, you’ll realize it’s really not that bad, and you’ll learn as you go. 

Adopt a Success is Inevitable Attitude

Another way to build confidence and get things done is by adopting a “success is inevitable attitude.” What I mean is…Tell yourself you will do it eventually. Play the long game, but know it will happen.

If you want to get healthy, knowing that you eventually will become healthy allows for more wiggle room and forgiveness. Miss a day at the gym? That’s okay. You’ll make it up tomorrow because you know you’re improving. Having a strong and positive mindset like this will also really help you reach your goals no matter how intimidating they may be.

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