When Things are Hard, Accountability & Friends Pull You Through Quitting Sugar. Five bowls with different types of sugar and a wooden scoop.

When Things are Hard, Accountability & Friends Pull You Through: Quitting Sugar – Episode 128

Today on the Fit is Freedom Podcast, Jamie is joining me to discuss the 30 day Sugar Freedom Challenge and how it impacted her relationship with sugar!

You know, they say that the devil is in the details….and by devil, I mean sugar! In our society, sugar is EVERYWHERE. It’s in our dressings, it’s in our breads, and it’s even in our gummy vitamins! 

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Some highlights include our discussions on…

  • The impact sugar has on our energy
  • Self-monitoring your intake
  • Prioritizing your sugar “splurges”
  • Knowing how your body reacts

In addition to our coaching, we’re always hosting a variety of challenges. Some are only 30 days and some are longer.

Whether it’s planning for your next big thing or cutting out certain foods, we like to find fun and creative ways to fine tune our health and fitness.

If you’ve considered jumping in to our Sugar Freedom Challenge or any of our other groups, this is a great listen to understand just how your life could change! 

Listen to the full episode here!

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