Sugar Freedom – How to Win the Sugar Battle – Episode 217

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What’s the Sugar Freedom Experiment?

If you find yourself feeling the effects of having too much sugar in your daily meals or you’re looking to shift your health, you may want to give the Sugar Freedom Experiment a try.  Essentially, the Sugar Freedom Experiment is a way to get curious about your health, notice how your body and mind feel without sugar, and detox in a healthy and less-pressured way for 30 days.

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Tips for the Sugar Freedom Experiment

Whether you’d like to join me or try it on your own, here are my four main tips for participating in the Sugar Freedom Experiment…

Read Labels

First, get curious. Look at what you have in your house. Are there large quantities of hidden added sugars in your favorite drinks, sauces, snacks, and more? Explore the grocery store. Start noticing where sugars are and where they aren’t. 

Create a Runway

Be Curious

It’s called an experiment for a reason. Take time throughout the journey to be curious about yourself. Take note of your most frequent triggers. Is it a particular time of day? Is it in a specific location? When you observe your triggers, you can make a plan of action and prevent it from happening. For some, it could be breathing exercises to work through the temptations.  For others it may be a healthier alternative like a small dark chocolate bar or a chocolate protein shake. 

Find Support

Lastly, and most importantly, it is crucial to find support. Whether you choose to work with me and join our accountability group or simply have a supportive spouse, you’re going to be more successful if you have someone challenging, encouraging, and joining you in the process.

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