Summer Stars - From Despair to Fitness Freedom. Interview with Kay

Summer Stars – From Despair to Fitness Freedom. Interview with Kay – Episode 196

Episode Summary

What exactly is it that makes us finally commit to fitness? What makes us finally decide to make the change and choose fitness and freedom? Well, everyone is different, but Kay is joining us today to share the lessons she has learned on her fitness journey to finally prioritize her health!

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About Kay

Kay is a rockstar client turned great friend who kept putting off her health and fitness. Unhappy with her lifestyle, she made her family the priority for years and years telling herself that one day she’ll “get it together”. 

For about the past year, she has done more than just that! From joining our group on retreats to hitting the road running with our accelerator program, she is happier, stronger, and feeling more confident than ever!

Lessons from Kay

Kay has learned a lot about fitness and health throughout her journey, and she’s here to spill the tea! Here are some of the many lessons she’s learned along the way that just may help you…

Others Can Help

Never underestimate the power of help and community! For Kay, she started this journey thinking she could figure it all out herself. She quickly learned that we all have places we can’t see. 

Relying on the help of others can give you new perspectives on your fitness, provide some much-needed accountability, and make things more fun!

Look at the Data

Learning about ourselves through data can really help us build confidence and monitor improvement. For some, that may be taking measurements. For others, it could be documenting your macros or even your sleep!

Be Flexible

Consistency is all about flexibility. Things will come up. You’ll have friends visit from out of town. You’ll need to take an extra rest day every now and then. What’s important is that when those days arise, you go with it and adjust accordingly.

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